19.December. Shephard & Van Alebeek with GUEST! – Julie Rousse

On Wednesday evening Julie Rousse will come to the Oranien Studio, to the heart of legendary Kreuzberg where warm blooded women serve you the most tasty Molotov cocktails.


Julie has been to Afghanistan where she followed the footsteps of adventurous travelers of the past and managed to buy this tape.


“In reportage in Kabul, Afghanistan, heading towards the city centre in a taxi. Despite the diffuse fear I hold into myself everyday since I arrived, I suddenly notice the beautiful song playing in the old speakers. Unable to catch the name of the singer, I offer to buy the tape to the taxi driver,in hope that it holds forgotten Persian songs”

In the same year (2013) she visited Chile and the beautiful Atacama desert.


She brought back recordings. On Radio On you will hear the stories as well.


Wednesday 19.December. 21:00-23:00 in Berlin, 15:00-17:00 in Santiago de Chile and Thursday 20.December 00:30-02:30 in Kabul


And if the button doesn’t work, go here to connect


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