1. Our Programs

The Bedlam Chamber by Julian Davis Percy

Live Online every wednesday 8-10pm (CEST+1) Berlin
Repeated every Friday at 6am and 6pm

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Anton Mobin for Radio On

Six episodes towards a reflexion on cassettes, a tribute to the “tape in a box” which celebrated her 50 years in 2013. These productions  can be also considered as an outlet of what goes on in Anton’s  laboratory under the roof, with the aim to look for new personal ways to use cassette tapes and materials in in performances and his compositional work.

anton pic

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episode 1 Guests on Tape

episode 2 Summer Road Trip

episode 3 EPW OFF

episode 4 Stead Within

episode 5 Hand Written Tape

episode 6 Guests on Tape (live version)

Check the schedule in the top bar for Broadcasting hours/days.____________________________________________________________________________

Radio Weirdo with Chris ‘Wheelie’ Willsher

Check the schedule in the top bar for Broadcasting hours/days.

“A peek into the fresh and exciting underground world of Alternative music. Enthusiast and all-round punk anorak Chris Wheelie brings latest releases, sessions and gig information from stalwarts and newbies within the whole vibrant spectrum of DIY and independent music culture. Expect a little excitable hot air and a load of energising sounds!”
‘The one and only Punk show broadcast direct from Plymouth, UK.’

”Chris is the John Peel of Punk’ – editor…

Radio Weirdo


‘The World Around You’ – with Minuit De Lacroix

Online monthly (first Monday) @ 9pm

In depth conversation with Barcelona based artists & other humans; an hour in time where they say what they want to The World Around You.

Guests will speak about international communication, temporary economies, the importance of travel,
sources of inspiration, tastes of Europe (food section), eco problems such as the never ending plastic islands,
occasional art history & music profiles and  topics related to the mexican comunity in barcelona…
30 minute spanish speaking segment.

“I believe that we should reflect more on social consciousness, gaze at Earth with a new perspective and be engaged with politics, the economy, science, religion, and the environment. One way or another, all of these things are going to resonate in the world around you.”



Live Show each Tuesday 8pm till 9pm (Berlin time)

A weekly portion of Cesip Xynic and Ad Izrailevich Lokshin explaining various issues from around the world, and also transmitting some fashionable sound art, imagine that, for your amusement. In short, everything according to genre: army horror, corpse dissection and scat eating, and a portion of socialist realism for good measure. Everybody dance.


Adrian Shephard and Rinus van Alebeek host several programs on Radio On.
Live Shows each Wednesday between 22.00 and 24.00 Berlin Time, unless elsewise indicated.


1.Guests evolves around an interview with a guest who either lives in or is passing through Berlin. The outcome is a wide range of stories combined with facts of various believes, be they from dreamland, gastronomical or even biographical. Very often the guest will play a couple of short sets.

2.The Tape Review Show is scheduled once a month. The newest tapes from the Staalplaat shop will be played and masterly reviewed.

3.BEHAVE! Lounche Music for the Post-Nuclear Generation uses sounds that are stored on the first obsolete medium of the digital age: the CD. An improvised narration uses the tracks as tracks leading into the mysteries of a post-nuclear world.



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