A Word on Radio On

It is very likely you don’t know about the existence of Berlin based internetradio Radio On. I would like to give a bit of insight in the structure.

Radio On is run by two persons, Adrian Shephard and me, Rinus van Alebeek. We have been extremely fortunate to have free access to the server of sourcefabric.org and use their (free) software.

Having 24 hours at our disposal we used and still use material from our archive. We broadcast interviews, radioplays, and strange talks that evolve into improvised sonic miniatures and story telling.

By time we started to invite friends and asked them to become a regular collaborator. The number of contributing friends is growing. New programs get added almost every day.

The Radio On programs reflect our taste. This is the radio we like to listen to. Radio stations like ours don’t exist on no FM frequency where-ever you go. Radio On is a Gesamtkunstwerk, shows how a radio station can be used for transmitting radio art or outsider music.

We have created a webiste Radio On, where new programs are presented.

If you want a blind date, then just come over. We are here.