4. Our Program Makers

Julian Davis Percy
Julian Davis Percy was born in 1978 in Melbourne, Australia.
Primarily a musician. At present he performs with Last Dominion Lost, Ultraspeicer and his solo project Ratbag.
Julian is also co-director of NK an avant-garde music platform in Berlin.
Elsenstr. 52/
2.Hinterhaus Etage 2
12059 Berlin Neukölln





Anton Mobin


streamfinder streaming radio list

Radio activist, producer, sound artist 
Involved in Paris improvised music scene.
Since 2001 co-curator of the label H.A.K. Lo-Fi Record with Ayato and other French artists.
Hosts Epsilonia on Radio Libertaire since 2012

Minuit De Lacroix


Minuit De Lacroix (born 1974) is a Mexican singer, composer, musician, producer and actor.

Eluding the contemporary formula for pop by incorporating many sonic elements, his music has been described as a global fusion of diverse influences.

Currently responsible for the collaborative EBM analogue synthesizer band Into Ether, he also performs with his minimal techno project MDL and as part of downtempo/trip-hop duo 33Canales.

“I believe that we should reflect more on social consciousness, gaze at Earth with a new perspective and be engaged with politics, the economy, science, religion, and the environment. One way or another, all of these things are going to resonate in the world around you.”


Chris ‘Wheelie’ Willsher









Taishi Nagasaka from Nagoya, Japan is a musician, performer, DJ and illustrator. He performs as ONIONIONIONION(Cassette Solo Project), Cozmik Onion Express 2.7(Band) or DJ ONONiiONIONIIN. He is not a Chinese, also likes cooking.


He will not decide any context of the radio show.
Some times there’s a DJ, sometimes he will pick up a special Musician or a Music style, sometimes call a guest.

But he likes to introduce his lunch and probably eat it at the same time.



Sir Cesip Xynic, a tireless critic of democracy’s psychopathology and sometime maker of noises, wrote his major work, “My R. Life Under The Berlin Moon”, in the last years of his pointless life.

Spanning three volumes, the novel touches upon subjects such as avant-garde art and Neoplatonist philosophy in the 16th century, anarchist fascism and the GULAG system, paranoia-inducing forms of noise music, sex and the application of purely functional programming languages to historical materialism, culminating in the protagonist’s tragic death.

On Radio On, the dead C. Xynic comments on various phenomena of the modern world in his Siberia For The Whole Family show.

Ad Izrailevich (rus. Ад Израилевич) Lokshin well-known Russian dissident, orang utan in the past and professional journalist in our days, has a specifically intelligentsia-soaked view on the same phenomena, and is occasionally even rumored to wear glasses. He is the official co-host of Siberia, enriching the airplay experience with his highly educated remarks.


Kate Donovan


Berlin-based artist and radio-maker, interested in analogue technologies, field recordings and ordinary magic.

She has been working together with Ryan Karolidis since 2007, making site-specific performances & installations, films & tapes, under the name “Twilight Claps & Thunders.”

As a radio-maker, she has been active for 10 years, contributing to various stations, including Juni Radio, Radio LoRa, Reboot.fm, RadioRiff, Radio Patapoe, Radio Panik, Radio FKK and CoLaboRadio, for whom she makes regular programmes with davidly.

She is also a member of Salon Bruit.


Anne-F Jacques


Sound artist living in Montréal, Canada. does performances and installations,
impromptu improvisations, makes soundtracks for Julie Doucet’s animation films,
part of minibloc duo with Nicolas Dion,
likes to play around metro stations and under staircases.
send letters and sounds:
crustacés tapes
4555 pontiac
montréal, qc canada H2J 2T2


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