22. October 13:00 . Cozmic onion lunch time radio

Hello, it’s Time for Cozmik Onion Lunch Time Radio vol.5 !
This week, I invite illustrator/2D animation performer SHOXXX a.k.a. Shou. She is a good Japanese friend of mine in Berlin. Her 2d DIY performance is the one of my most favorite performance in Berlin.

I guess we will talk in 87% Japanese, 2% English,11% German


SHOXXX a.k.a. Shou
born in Hiroshima, one of 7 Japanese cities she has lived in. Since 2001 she has been working as graphic designer and illustrator.

In 2005 she moved to Berlin, Germany.
Here she started to create her own artworks, such as puppet making, screen printing, live animation, painting, etc..
Since 2011 she has been living in her own atelier-studio space where her creativity has flourished.

Her exhibitions display puppets, drawings, hand-made decorations and more; composing colorful, funny characters in a pop atmosphere. 
Though initially impressing a typical Japanese style, it derives its originality through cynical humor or extreme nonsense.
These installations of her work transport visitors to a SHOXXX’s world, a place for the adventurous to bring their imaginations.


Broadcasts live 22.October 12:00 in London 13:00 in Berlin 20:00 in Hiroshima


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