Thursday 10.Oktober – Brave Ear, A New Show by Jason Honea

Former Californian wild boy and singer of the legendary punk band Social Unrest, since long an American in Berlin, Jason Honea is seen as the town’s best crooner. He has amazed the Radio On directors time and time again with his ecclecticism and incredible knowledge of obscure pop music.

“Jason Honea doesn’t play music, he re-writes modern history through his collection of songs; each one of them exposes the hopes and fears of a disappearing generation.” – The San Francisco Vanguard

Now he is here with us.

His first show with interviews, profiles, and aural ‘looks at’ what many who are still here are actively up to. With so much going on it’s easy to disappear/get lost in the shuffle in a place like this, Berlin. Let Brave Ear be a conduit for sounds and interesting audio art and information. Tuck your ears !!!

feature John Murphy and Gaby Bila Günther (lady Gaby)

Brave Ear by Jason Honea will be broadcasted Thursday 10.October 22:00-23:30 Berlin Time and 13:00-14:30 West Coast USA time.




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