It’s Wednesday 2.Oktober and we have three live shows!

At 19.00-20.00 Cesip Xynic, his all time guest Pavel Lokshin and their dog Bobbykov present Siberia for the Whole Family and dive into another radiant mysterie from soviet underground times. Be prepared for radio disturbances. This program is monitored by several secret societies.

At 20.00-22.00 Julian Davis Percy will broadcast live and direct from Berlin’s number one avant-retro center NK. Bête noire grumblings, music to cure your hang-over, unexpected guests and live moments. Connect early. Julian’s programs atract a capacity crowd.

At 22.00-24.00 Shephard&Van Alebeek will be at a supper party somewhere in the fancy district of Berlin Neukölln. They will be special guests to the party’s special guest Momus.


Possible topics we discuss are the japanese fascination for octopus, why berlin is becoming so very mainstreamingly boring, what growing up in a fading empire does to childhood dreams and diary’s of hollywood stars. Maybe. It can all go wrong.



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