Saturday Evening/Sunday All Day


Before Radio On sails into the harbour of a beautiful September Sunday we have to enter the night and what better to do so then with Shephard and Van Alebeek’s BEHAVE!. BEHAVE! is their new program. We re-broadcast the first episode with music by the likes of Shelley Hirsch, Aki Onda and Jean Luis Costes, the latter masquerading, orating as Marquis de SADE. BEHAVE!, Lounge Music for the Post-Nuclear Generation explains to this generation why our times are post-nuclear and fundamentally connected to the use of the A-Bomb.

BEHAVE!, Lounge Music for the Post-Nuclear Generation airs on Saturday evening from 19.00-22.00, and on Sunday evening from 20.05-23.00.


Siberia for the Whole Family is one of the new features on Radio On. It is brought to you by Cesip Xynic. Soviet culture and underground phenomena are among the subjects. Saturday we re-broadcast the show in which Cesip and his guest Pavel Lokshin shine a light on Soviet underground music since the 80-‘s.

Siberia for the Whole Family airs on Saturday 14.September at 22.00-24.00


Julian Davis Percy, the co-director of Berlin’s avant space NK has been away on business last Wednesday, but he will be back. If you missed his previous shows you can catch them on Sunday. You can hear music/collages from Julian’s personal collection, which includes recordings from the shows at NK. The Bedlam Chamber has  live appearances by his soulmates as well.

Julian’s second show for Radio On, The Bedlam Chamber, will be aired on Sunday 15.September at 12.00-13.00 (part 1) and 14.00-15.00 (part 2).

Anton Mobin’s impressionist account of his excursion through Paris is his third radiophonic production for Radio On.

EPW OFF airs on Sunday at 09.00-10.00 and 17.15-18.00

All time indications are Berlin Time (CET+1)

Stay tuned for new features!



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