Wednesday 11.September Guests! W/Kim Laugs ( live broadcast)

Wednesday evening Shephard & Van Alebeek go live on air with Guest! Kim Laugs.


Dutch/Belgian inventor and sonic artist Kim Laugs grew up in a cultural wasteland somewhere on the border of the South of the Netherlands and Belgium. He grew up in a time when occult forces in Belgium turned their country into a kind of pathological swamp. Armed gangs having shoot-outs in commercial centers, corrupt and suicidal politicians, the death of a king, child porn and a pedophile kept the country in a state of shock.

Escaped form the country of Tintin and Dutroux he studied sound in The Hague and is now working on a huge digital mixing board with inputs from different places around the globe. He actually visited these places. City tours, local habits, gastronomy in the far and near east, adventures in the modern world or in Humboldt’s own backyard, it is all on the menu this evening.

Listen from 22.00 until 24.00 on Wednesday 11.September.




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