Wednesday 11. September Guest! Edwin Brienen ( re-broadcast)

If he could choose he would rather be known as “The Shirley Temple of Dutch Television” as by the name a journalist has branded him: “The Dutch Fassbinder.”


Film maker, actor, child star, radio producer Edwin Brienen came to our studio. In a two hours long conversational avalange the most varied topics were discussed, mentioned or swiped of the table. Dutch colleagues of Jimmil Fixit, UFO’s over Ameland, Madonna’s new teeth, his own movies, The Amsterdam massacre of 1995 or how to deal with normal people, were just a few of the items we talked about.


Listen to the re-broadcast of Shephard & Van Alebeek with Guest! Edwin Brienen tomorrow Wednesday on conspiracy date 11. September from 20.00-22.00.

And yes, he was in New York City on 11 September 2001. You will hear him also talk about the collapse of The Twin Towers and why King Kong can’t be blamed for it.



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