EPW OFF by ANTON MOBIN airs Tuesday 10.September


EPISODE #3 – EPW OFF By Anton Mobin.

The third episode of programs that French radio producer and sonic artist made exclusively for us in his own impressionist way has been broadcasted by Radio On during the last weeks. In case you missed it or would like to hear it again EPW OFF will air on Tuesday 10. September at 09.00 and 17.15 Berlin Time.

Here is his Description

“Since many years, I used to record my daily report on micro-cassette. These raw pieces of archive have never been edited or broadcasted. They represent a dark side of my fear of not recording and therefore missing a crunchy moment.

I found recently near Voltaire a perfect new walkman Sony TCM-400 with two reading speeds and a pitch which gave more possibilities to play with this walkman during and after the recording.


This journal is focused on the production of the first cassette of the catalog H.A.K. Lo-Fi Record, “Early Piano Works” by Rinus van Alebeek which marked an important moment for our small label.  The production process involved a run through Paris, by way of the printer at Faidherbe Chaligny( a main character), Lysvia Maïz’ show room at Parmentier to test the first white ink, Père Lachaise to buy a new white ink, Alexandre Dumas to assemble the cover. Finally thete were two rendez-vous set up for handing over the final tapes. One with Emmanuel Rébus close to Bibliothèque François Mitterrand before his travel to New-York, the other with Guillaume Siffert at La Chapelle to bring back tapes to Berlin.

Process of composing

step 1 :
recording on cassette of daily sounds regarding the production of the first cassette of the catalog H.A.K. Lo-Fi Record, “Early Piano Works” by Rinus van Alebeek, in March and April 2013.

step 2 :
digitalization of these recordings with another tape player

step 3 :
Recording another track playing the same tape with the original cassette-coder

step 4 :
Edit and collage of steps 2 & 3″



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