Saturday 7. September – Radio On live from Staalplaat Store on World Wide Cassette Store Day

One week after the 50th birthday of the cassette, the humble medium celebrates an equally humble come-back on a world-wide cassette store day.

Now it only needs a cassette release by one of the big sellers in the industry and Sony will consider to re-start the production of the walkman.

During the afternoon, from 14.00 Berlin Time onwards we will transmit live from the staalplaat store in Berlin and play only cassette tapes. Among the tapes we bring are some of the first cassettes released by staaltapes in the early ’80-s, some tapes of the Tellus collection, and tracks from the latest releases by staaltape.


A historic overview of the cassette in this article in The Guardian

An overview of cassette’s 50th birthday celebration related events in the Lou Ottens blog

The Staalplaat store is on Kienitzerstrasse corner Weisestrasse in Berlin Neukoelln; it opens at 12.00.



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